About Naples

On the surface, Naples Florida is a beautiful beachside town. And yet, for a town of its size, Naples has so much more to offer than what vacationers’ untrained eyes behold. The beach is just one of the dozens of reasons Naples continues to attract new residents of all ages.

For those who live, work and play in this Gulf coast paradise, the area’s low cost of living and slower pace of life actually trump Naples’ more popular hallmarks, like the beach. Yes, you read right. Naples is (gasp!) affordable.

Does this surprise you? Many perceive Naples to be an exclusive retreat for the wealthy, but regular folks are finding that living here is actually considerably cheaper than other areas of the country. The most touted advantage to life in Naples is no state income tax, but do you also know that property taxes, energy costs and housing take less of a bite out of your budget compared to many northern locales?

Fourteen Reasons to Make Naples Your Home

  1. Wonderful Weather
  2. Low Cost of Living
  3. Wide Variety of Housing
  4. Abundant Educational Facilities
  5. Excellent Healthcare
  6. Midwestern Friendliness
  7. Unlimited Outdoor Activities
  8. The Beach and Beyond
  9.  The Wildlife
  10. Year-Round Flowers and Greenery
  11. So Many Restaurants
  12. Entertainment and Attractions
  13. Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping
  14. Lots of Arts, Culture and Music

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  • Dressing for Florida
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  • Colleges and universities
  • Local media
  • The local economy and businesses

Important Phone Numbers

City of Naples Government 239-213-1000
Collier County Property Appraiser 239-252-8141
Driver’s Licenses 239-434-4600
Fishing Licenses 239-252-8176
Marriage Licenses 239-252-7241
Social Security 239-530-3364
Tax Collector 239-252-8171
Vehicle Registration 239-252-8177
Voter Registration 239-252-8450
Beach Parking Stickers 239-213-1826 or 239-252-4000
Boat Registration 239-252-8176
Florida Power and Light 239-262-1322
Lee County Electric Cooperative 239-995-2121
Comcast 239-793-3577
Embarq 239-596-6220
Collier County Water & Sewer 239-252-2380
City of Naples Water & Sewer 239-213-1800
City of Naples Garbage Collection 239-213-4700
Collier County Garbage Collection 239-252-2508
Marco Island Garbage Collection 239-649-2212
Collier Area Transit 239-596-7777
Greyhound 239-774-5660
Occupational Licensing 239-252-2477